About US.

BARBI-TEC was first established in 1988, and it has been going strong since.

With a veritable strong customer base and an outlook prioritizing the very top order of service regarding quality and consistency, the brand is responsible for numerous office spaces over the years. Every possible solution related to designing the perfect workspace is our area of expertise, and we have overcome many serious and challenging trials to make that claim. Our partitions, which are mostly used in any modern workspace, have long carried our name by itself as they are manufactured by ourselves in every way. This may be attributed to BARBI-TEC possessing a manufacturing plant making specific partitions in any shape or form. Culminating as an all-rounder affair, BARBI-TEC competently takes charge of creating a workspace exactly as per your wishes and tastes.   



Partitions have been a mainstay of almost every office space in urban areas throughout the world. While they might be viewed as a common-place commodity, durability and endurance is a factor, especially for newly constructed or acquired ones. BARBI-TEC’s self-made partitions have all of these qualities and more, partitioning your office space in optimum quality and style. 

Open Spaces

Open space Partitions

For the designers and architects currently employed at BARBI-TEC, open spaces are empty canvases upon which they consistently create their masterpieces. It is a collective effort, however, and by the time we are finished, the open space would be partitioned quite intelligently allowing for the exact number of employees you want to assign at any given time.



Designing your work space

We understand the need to design a practical and beautiful work environment; thus, we look forward to undertaking with the vision to systematically complete your design. By the tail end of completion, your effective workspace would be transformed into something that is quite professional, effective and tasteful. This is precisely what BARBI-TEC’s services can offer you, the perfect zone imaginable.

Turn-Key Projects

From zero to success

With the help of BARBI-TEC, the workspace that you may find yourself owning can be nothing more than a large but empty grotto. This is certainly the case for a majority of newly acquired office spaces. We’ll design and furnish your office spaces filled with rich detail and all the necessary architectural additions. 

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let's work together .

Join our customers and let’s build your new work space together with our commitment to success and more then 20 years of experience building and designing working spaces, offices and more.